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Commissioner Bulletins - 2004

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Many of the bulletins below can be viewed online and/or downloaded by simply clicking on the "Bulletin Number." If you have questions regarding a bulletin, please contact the appropriate divisions. For copies of bulletins without links on our Bulletin Pages, you may contact Sylvia Gutierrez at (512) 463-6326.

Bulletin # Date Issued Reference Subject
B-0051-04 12/7/04 Form and Rate Filing Fees Submitted Under Chapters 3 And 11 Of The Texas Administrative Code Life / Health
B-0048-04 11/10/04 Adoption of Proposed Amendments to the Texas Private Passenger Automobile Statistical Plan. Property / Casualty
B-0045-04 10/20/04 Adoption of new 28 TAC 5.410 concerning the International Residential Code & International Building Code, 2003 Editions and amendments to 28 TAC 5.4009, 5.4603, & 5.4800. Effective 1/1/05. Windstorm
B-0044-04 10/15/04 Assignment of TDI Reference Number - Surety Bond Forms. Property / Casualty
B-0043-04 10/12/04 Uniform Underwriting Practices in Employer Group Health Plans and Other Employer Health Coverage Issues Life/Health
B-0038-04 08/26/04 Letter from the Commissioner Insurance Coverage for Deployed and Returning U.S. Armed Forces Personnel Property / Casualty
B-0037-04 07/28/04 Reporting of Suspected Insurance Fraud Fraud
B-0036-04 08/02/04 2004 Data Call on Community Investments in the State of Texas During Calendar Year 2003 Property / Casualty
B-0028-04 06/21/04 Regarding Standard Rate index for County Mutual Insurance Companies Property / Casualty
B-0021-04 05/5/04 Regarding Reporting to the TX State Board of Medical Examiners Property / Casualty
B-0017-04 03/31/04 Compliance with Notice Requirements of 28 TAC §§3.3703 and 11.901. Life / Health
B-0012-04 04/1/04 Regarding 2004 Texas Title Insurance Agents Statistical Report for the Calendar Year Ended December 31, 2003 Title
B-0007-04 02/03/04 Regarding Adoption of Amendments to Rule XVIII-Group Purchase of Workers' Compensation Property / Casualty
B-0005-04 01/23/04 Regarding Amendments to 21.1007 Concerning Restrictions on the Use of Underwriting Guidelines Based on Previous Mold Damage, Mold Damage Claims, a Water Damage Claim, or Appliance-Related Claims. Property / Casualty

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