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Archived File - for Reference Use

This file is historical in nature. Links and contact information may be outdated and no longer valid.


September 19, 1997




The purpose of this bulletin is to provide information on selected bills passed during the 75th Regular Legislative Session and to notify you that a summary of requirements of new and/or amended statutes enacted under those bills is available from the Texas Department of Insurance.

A listing of the major bills that may affect your company and the coverages that you issue or renew in Texas is attached. Charts providing detailed summary information on bills listed under I and II are available. Due to the number of bills passed and summarized, you are encouraged to download the charts from TDI's home page at www.tdi.state.tx.us. If you do not have access to the Internet, you may order printed copies of the charts by contacting the Life/Health Group, Mary Ann Walker at 512/305-7319 or (FAX) 512/322-3552. The bills listed under III are not summarized as they indirectly relate to the business of health and life coverage.

The charts summarize requirements of the bills, provide information on responsibilities of and/or actions required of insurers, HMOs, and MEWAs and provide information on responsibilities of and/or actions of this department to implement the provisions of the bills. The charts are only summaries and may only address particular SECTIONS of a bill. You will need to refer to the actual bill for a complete understanding of the legislation. The charts are intended to serve as guidelines until rules have been adopted. Rules adopted after publication of this bulletin will replace these guidelines. Your cooperation in promptly implementing the necessary changes will be appreciated.

Copies of the bills passed during the 75th Legislative Session may be obtained (a) for a charge by contacting 512/463-1144 for copies of House Bills and 512/463-0252 for copies of Senate Bills or (b) free of charge by accessing the Texas Legislature Online at www.capitol.state.tx.us. Additionally, bound volumes of insurance legislation are available from TDI for a cost of $75.00 and may be obtained from Publications Distributions (Mailcode 9999; Telephone - 512/322-4283; (FAX) 512/305-7512).

You are responsible for implementing changes for compliance with new and amended statutes. If you have questions concerning the information attached or the charts please contact one of the following individuals:

Life/Health Insurance:
Kim Stokes, Deputy Commissioner
Mailcode 106-1A, Phone - 512/322-3401
E-Mail: LifeHealth@tdi.state.tx.us
Leah Rummel, Deputy Commissioner
Mailcode 108-6A, Phone - 512/322-4266
E-Mail: MCQA@tdi.state.tx.us
Kathy Wilcox, Director, Insurer Services
Mailcode 305-2C, Phone - 512/322-3507
E-Mail: kathy.wilcox@tdi.state.tx.us

Rose Ann Reeser
Associate Commissioner
Regulation & Safety

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Legislation Enacted - 75th Legislative Session

I. House Bills (HB) - Relating to Coverage Through Insurance, HMOs, or MEWA Plans *

Bill Summary
HB 1 Relating to the Texas Department of Insurance preparing a report for the 76th Legislature on costs and benefits of health insurance mandates
HB 3 Relating to Texas Healthy Kids Corporation and other health benefit plans for children
HB 39 Relating to use of genetic testing by health insurers
HB 102 Relating to minimum inpatient coverage and postdelivery care following childbirth
HB 163 Relating to accelerated death benefits and irrevocable designation of beneficiary under the for Texas Employees Uniform Group Insurance Program
HB 239 Relating to coverage for prostate specific antigen testing for public school benefit plans
HB 349 Relating to minimum coverage requirements for inpatient care following a mastectomy
HB 587 Relating to Community Centers
HB 710 Relating to federal healthcare reforms; including the Texas High Risk Pool, preexisting conditions and renewability in certain individual health benefit plans, minimum requirements related to conversion and continuation options in group health benefit plans and individual HMO coverage
HB 812 Relating to communications between physicians, dentists or providers and enrollees
HB 839 Relating to prohibiting discrimination against persons who are victims of family violence
HB 864 Relating to group coverage for certain students
HB 1173 Relating to coverage for certain serious mental illness
HB 1212 Relating to federal healthcare reforms in the Large and Small Employer Market including plans offered through Multiple Employer Welfare Arrangements (MEWAs) and certification of creditable coverage
HB 1865 Relating to accelerated death benefit provisions in life insurance policies
HB 2015 Relating to the redesignation of Insurance Code statutes previously designated as Articles 21.79E
HB 2017 Relating to reimbursement of telemedicine under Medicaid and Medicare
HB 2033 Relating to coverage for services provided through telemedicine
HB 2063 Relating to group health plans for the diagnosis and treatment of certain conditions affecting the TMJ and dental services
HB 2180 Relating to the repeal of the Mandated Benefit Review Panel
HB 2221 Relating to life insurance written by certain agents or assumed by stipulated premium insurance companies
HB 2274 Related to the exemption of insurance benefits and annuity proceeds from seizure under process
HB 2644 Relating to systems and health benefit programs administered by the Teachers Retirement System
HB 2795 Relating to the composition and powers of the Texas Health Benefit Purchasing Cooperative (Texas Insurance Purchasing Alliance - TIPA)
HB 2846 Relating to the health care services by advanced practice nurses and physician assistants for network plans
HB 3054 Relating to the creation of immunization registry and reporting requirements by insurance companies and HMOs
HB 3197 Relating to utilization review of certain health care services provided to a person eligible for workers' compensation benefits
HB 3269 Relating to requirements for evidences of coverages issued by HMOs
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*This listing of legislation may NOT BE ALL INCLUSIVE.

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II. Senate Bills (SB) - Relating to Coverage Through Insurance, HMOs, or MEWA Plans *

Bill Summary
SB 29 Relating to implementation of child support and medical support order enforcement, including minimum enrollment and coverage requirements for court ordered dependents
SB 54 Relating to access to certain obstetrical or gynecological health care
SB 162 Relating to the Texas Diabetes Care Pilot Program and minimum coverage requirements in health benefit plans for diabetes related services
SB 163 Relating to minimum coverage requirements in health benefit plans for supplies and services associated with the treatment of diabetes
SB 172 Relating to minimum coverage requirements in health benefit plans for childhood immunizations
SB 217 Relating to minimum coverage requirements in health benefit plans for reconstructive surgery following a mastectomy
SB 258 Relating to minimum coverage requirements in health benefit plans of certain tests for detection of prostate cancer
SB 333 Relating to claims payment requirements for benefits payable to a managing or possessory conservator of a dependent child
SB 382 Relating to the regulation of HMOs
SB 383 Relating to regulation of preferred provider benefit plans
SB 384 Relating to the practices and requirements for utilization review processes
SB 385 Relating to regulation of HMOs
SB 386 Relating to review of and liability for certain health care treatment decisions
SB 786 Relating to the authority for and coverage of immunizations administered by pharmacists
SB 862 Relating to the various taxes and fees
SB 877 Relating to practice of dentistry
SB 972 Relating to declaration for mental health treatment and discrimination
SB 1102 Relating to taxes, fees, surcharges and coverage offered by the Employees Retirement System
SB 1246 Relating to Statewide Rural Health Care System
SB 1447 Relating to conversion from a mutual company to a stock company
SB 1651 Relating to coverage requirements in health benefit plans of services performed by occupational and physical therapists
SB 1824 Relating to Integrated Health Care Systems
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*This listing of legislation may NOT BE ALL INCLUSIVE.

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III. House Bills & Senate Bills Indirectly Relating to the Business of
Health or Life Coverage *

Bill Summary
HB 66 Relating to unfunded state mandates on political subdivisions
HB 196 Relating to contact lens prescriptions
HB 219 Relating to single agent s license for an agent selling for an insurance company and HMOs
HB 707 Relating to payroll deductions for insurance premiums for county employees
HB 984 Relating to requirements for the use of and acceptance of digital signatures
HB 1356 Relating to funeral prearrangement life insurance agents
HB 1843 Relating to requirements for prepaid funeral benefit arrangements
HB 1971 Relating to regulation of lenders and credit reporting
HB 2384 Relating to charity care/indigent health care by nonprofit hospitals
HB 3100 Relating to rights of the elderly
HB 3244 Relating to the use of services and facilities for adult offenders determined to have alcohol or drug abuse problems
SB 30 Relating to fraud and improper payment under state Medicaid
SB 426 Relating to the Uniform Interstate Family Support Act
SB 645 Relating to group plans for long and short term disability coverage and optional term life coverage under the Employees Retirement System
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*This listing of legislation may NOT BE ALL INCLUSIVE.

Click here to download Bulletin B-0038-97 w/ all attachments
(147k, MS Word, b-0038-7.zip)

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