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November 18, 2022

Protect your home while you’re away


Inside of a dark home with someone outside. Text on image: 6 things to do before you go on vacation

Before you head out on vacation, we have some tips to keep your home safe while you’re gone.

Set timers on interior lights. Criminals are looking for an easy target. Use a timer on a few lights to make it appear that someone is home, and don’t let newspapers or mail pile up. Make sure valuables aren’t visible to someone looking through windows, and never leave a key outside.

Don’t post on social media. It’s best not to post that you’re away even if you think only friends and family can see your social media accounts.

Lock doors and windows. It’s obvious, but it’s also easy to forget. Before you leave, take one last trip around the house to make sure everything is locked.

Unplug TVs and computers. It’s Texas so you never know when an electrical storm could cause a power surge. To protect expensive electronics, unplug them or use a surge protector.

Turn off the main water supply to your home. Even a minor leak can cause major damage if no one is home to catch it.

Close interior doors. This will help protect your home if there’s a hurricane or tornado while you’re gone. (Video)