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Texas Department of Insurance
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February 7, 2022

How to get free COVID tests


Texans can now get free COVID-19 tests. And if you buy them yourself, there’s a good chance your health plan will pay you back.

  • Get tests in the mail: You can get four free tests mailed to your home. Order the tests online at
  • Buy your own tests: Most health plans will pay back their members for tests the member buys at the store or online.

    Ask your health plan:

    • How much it will pay for a test and for how many. Most plans will pay up to $12 per test for up to eight tests per month.
    • What the process is for paying you back (reimbursement).
    • If the plan works with any stores where you can get tests for free without needing to send in receipts.
  • Call your doctor: If your doctor says you need a COVID-19 test, the test will be free to you.

Note: Be careful if the testing site wants to do other tests (like to check for flu or strep throat). If you and your doctor think you need those tests, they probably won’t be free and you’ll have to pay for them.

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