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Provisional permits

A provisional permit allows you to act as an agent, with the supervision of a sponsor, until your license is issued. A sponsor can be another agent, an insurer, or health maintenance organization. The sponsor must appoint you as an agent under them.

Permits are offered for these license types:

  • County Mutual
  • Funeral Pre-arrangement Life
  • General Lines - Life, Accident, Health and HMO
  • General Lines - Property and Casualty
  • Life Insurance
  • Life Insurance Not Exceeding $25,000

The application fee is $50 and the permit fee is $50. Instructions for how to pay the fees are on the Application for Individual Agent License (Form FIN506).

You can use the provisional permit until the earlier of: (1) the 90th day after the date the permit is issued, (2) the date you get the regular license, or (3) the date your application is denied.

With a provisional permit, you can act as an agent 8 days after sending us your application if:

  • You passed the exam.
  • You paid the application fee.
  • We don’t contact you or your sponsor about an issue with your application, fingerprint background check, or a previously held license.
  • Your sponsor signs a certificate that says:
    • You completed training and passed the exam.
    • They completed a background check on you and it shows you haven’t been convicted of a felony or other offense that doesn’t allow you to conduct insurance business.
    • You noted on your application that you do not have a criminal conviction and haven’t been involved in an administrative action that disqualifies you for a license.
    • They will supervise your work.

The laws about this permit are in House Bill 2145.

For more information, contact:

Last updated: 1/24/2018