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4-Hour annuity certification training

Any resident agent licensed before September 01, 2011, the effective date of House Bill (HB) 2277, who wishes to sell an annuity product in Texas but has not taken the annuity certification course before that effective date, must take either the certification course or the one-time training course as described in the Texas Insurance Code (TIC) §1115.056 as amended by HB 2277 before selling annuities. The older certification course may be taken until March 01, 2012. Beginning March 1, 2012, all licensees who wish to perform the acts of an agent with regards to annuities, must take the one-time training course.

If you are a currently licensed resident agent and have taken a Department approved four-hour annuity training course, you are not required to take it again. The changes that HB 2277 made to the TIC Chapter 1115 do not require you to take the course twice.

In general, non-resident agents are NOT subject to Texas CE requirements. However, a resident or non-resident license holder who chooses to sell or solicit an annuity product in Texas must take the required annuity initial certification course. A Texas resident or non-resident agent may meet the Texas annuity initial training requirement by having completed an initial training course that has been approved in Texas or in a state that is also compliant with the National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC) annuity training model requirements. Initial certification courses approved by states as complying with the NAIC model may be used in place of a TDI-registered course to meet the initial training requirement, but the course will not be counted toward the license holder's general continuing education requirements.

It is the responsibility of the agent to be able to provide proof of compliance with any relevant annuity training requirements. A non-resident agent should retain all completion certificates pertaining to applicable training since the Department will not post CE completions for non-residents or for residents taking reciprocal courses.

Continuing Education:

The eight hours of continuing education regarding annuities required in the TIC §4004.202(b) must be completed during the resident agents' two-year licensing period. Only TDI-approved courses with registered providers can be used to meet this requirement. Please consult this interactive list of certified continuing education courses to look up a provider, to get a course list for a specific kind of course, or to check a particular course's information.

Longevity Exemption:

If you have held an agent license issued by the Department continuously for at least 20 years, you are still required to complete the four-hour annuity training course. The Texas Administrative Code §19.1028(b) provides that the longevity exemption does not apply to the four hour, one-time annuity training. All resident and non-resident agents must complete the four-hour, one-time training before selling annuity products.

If you have held a resident agent license issued by the Department continuously for at least 20 years, then you may apply for an exemption from taking continuing education under TIC §4004.052(b).

Product Specific Training:

An insurer should provide the company specific product training required under TIC §1115.056(a) (HB 2277). The company specific product training required in TIC §1115.056(a) (HB 2277) is in addition to the required one-time training course in TIC §1115.056(b) and the required continuing education in TIC §4004.202.

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Last updated: 2/16/2018